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Welcome to Mazda Rotary Club

The home for Mazda Rotary car enthusiasts from all over the World

Formed in 2001 Mazdarotaryclub.com is the home on the web for all Mazda Rotary Enthusiasts. To be a part of our Club you do not need to own a specific Mazda Rotary or be friends of another Rotary owner to feel that you fit in. You are welcome regardless of whether you own a 1967 Cosmo, a 2011 RX-8 or indeed any car powered by a Mazda rotary engine. You are also welcome if you race, drift, drag race or drive your Rotary just for the fun of it.

Most importantly, our virtual home has inspired many Rotary owners to get together in person and attend regular social events ranging from informal pub meets to Club organized events, Trackdays, Driver Training events, road trips and so on both in the UK and abroad.


Mazda Rotary Club, home of Rotorstock, this event was designed to promote the Rotary, particularly to other Japanese car owners. It was first held in 2003 and resulted in the first drag racing event to be held in Europe where Japanese only cars raced head to head in proper competition.

Needless to say, Rotaries made many sit up and take notice with their speed just as they continue to do so to this day both out on the drag strip and on race circuits.

The MRC Forum

The Mazda Rotary Club forum was created as a means to allow Rotary car enthusiasts to get together in a virtual place where they could share their passion and discuss all matters Rotary. Over the years, thanks to its paying members, the Club evolved from a small forum with no particular rules into a "Family/Work Friendly"-no swearing-no adult material forum, with the exception of car-porn of course!

Another very important thing about the Club is that here no one will call anyone stupid for asking a simple question about their car because we are all here to share our knowledge and where possible help each other out.

Benefits of becoming a full member of the MRC

When you join the forum as a full member you will gain full access to a huge knowledge base that now spans many years. Alongside tech data giving a huge amount of help to the Rotary Owner, you will find a friendly place where you can simply share your Mazda Rotary passion with other likeminded enthusiasts who own the amazing Rotary engine that powers their cars along the road in a way no piston engine ever could. Full membership will also give you access to discounts on car insurance, car parts and events organized or attended by the Club. Find out how to become a member here.

We have always welcomed Mazda Rotary fans from all over the World, indeed this is why Mazdarotaryclub is a "dot com" club to ensure we all share our Rotary passion Worldwide, so if you're in the Americas, Australasia, Africa, Asia or Europe or anywhere else in the World we welcome you to share your Rotary passion and info with us.